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In Your Element Events specializes in producing socially responsible meetings and events for the Financial Services Community. We help you use events to:

  • Enrich your relationships with your clients, prospective clients, and business partners.
  • Celebrate your corporate milestones and anniversaries, holidays, and birthdays.
  • Articulate your firm’s unique story, values, and character to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Reflect on the moments of inspiration, innovation, perseverance, transition, growth, and triumph that define your organization.
  • Acknowledge the contributions and accomplishments of your founders and your employees.
  • Build unity following mergers, acquisitions, and succession planning.
  • Align your current and next generation of leaders and employees.
  • Honor the important moments and achievements in your clients’ lives.
  • Enhance client relationships through thoughtful and creative gift giving and charitable donations.
  • Promote your book tours, speaking engagements, and intellectual capital.
  • Improve client and employee loyalty and retention.
  • Expand the reach of your events to connect with a larger audience than those who can be physically present.


They say that you never forget your first love. At In Your Element Events, that's certainly true. Before I founded In Your Element Events, I spent nearly two decades working closely with some of the most respected investment advisors in the United States at firms like Roger C. Gibson's Gibson Capital, LLC, and in the institutional divisions of Fidelity Investments, American Funds, and Federated Funds.

I believe In Your Element Events is quite possibly the first event planning firm specializing in socially and environmentally responsible meeting and event planning services for the RIA community. Over the years, I have experienced first-hand the positive impact that face to face events have on the client-advisor relationship, and I believe that celebrating the unique history and collective memory of an organization has as much to do with the future as the past.


Anyone who has organized even a small event knows that there are a million and one details to manage. Outsourcing event planning to a certified meeting and event planning professional allows you to focus on running your business and managing your client assets while we oversee the administrative and creative burden of planning your events.

At In Your Element Events, we offer a la carte services for firms who just need a little help managing the event planning details, as well as start to finish services for those who aren't sure where to begin. Planning events for high net worth individuals and organizations is our specialty, and we are committed to only taking on a limited number of clients to ensure that we are able to deliver exceptional event planning services. Our pledge to be fiscally and environmentally responsible informs every step of our event planning process, and we help you communicate that commitment to your clients in creative and meaningful ways. And lastly, we understand the critical importance of client confidentiality, and we work closely with your compliance personnel to ensure that all your internal and external regulatory requirements are met.

Please explore our site to discover how In Your Element Events can assist with your next celebration, or contact us now to discuss your specific needs.